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Shandong & Bavaria Sister Province-State Relationship


Sister State:

Bavaria of Germany

Relation Development:

In 1985, then Minister-President of Bavaria Franz Josef Strauss led a business delegation to Shandong Province, which marks a prelude to the friendly relationship between Shandong and Bavaria. Then vice governor of Shandong Province Ma Shizhong and then Minister-President of Bavaria Franz Josef Strauss signed the Joint Declaration on developing sister province/state relations on 9 July 1987, ushering in a new chapter of friendly exchange and cooperation between the two sides. In 2010, Shandong CPC Party Chief Jiang Yikang, and current Minister-President of Bavaria Horst Seehofer signed the agreement on establishing a strategic partnership in Munich of Germany, lifting the relation between the two parties to an unprecedented level.

By June 2014, Shandong and Bavaria has developed four sister city relations, four sister city and cooperative relations, one sister TV station relation and set up economic and trade representative offices in each province/state. Shandong Provincial People's Congress has officially signed an agreement with the State Parliament of Bavaria on a fixed exchange relation. Various branches of the government has established corresponding cooperative relations with the Free State of Bavaria and developed fruitful cooperation and exchanges in all fields.

Previous Shandong provincial leaders, involving Liang Buting, Zhao Zhihao, Jiang Chunyun, Li Chunting and Han Yuqun, have led delegation to visit Bavaria for many times. Franz Josef Strauss and Edmund Stoiber, Previous Minister-President of Bavaria as well as the CSU Chairman, have visited Shandong Province in 1985, 1995 and 2003 successively. The precious two Speakers of the State Parliament of Bavaria John Paume and Alos Guleck have successively paid a visit to Shandong in 2000 and 2008. Horst Seehofer, the incumbent Minister-President of Bavaria, visited Shandong in April 2010.

Bavaria is one of the most powerful regions in economy that shares sister province/state relations with Shandong Province. Both sides valued the economic and trade cooperation at the beginning of their relationship. The Free State of Bavaria, the largest and second populous state in Germany, enjoys one third of investment of the total investment size of Germany to Shandong. According to incomplete statistics show that Bavaria has invested over 20 projects in Shandong, involving about one billion dollars as foreign capital. The most representative programs invested be Bavaria companies include the transformer project invested by Simens in Jinan, the equity transfer and technical cooperation project between MAN Group and Sinotruck Group, the axle project of Jinan SAF AL-KO Co,. Ltd., and the vehicle project of Yantai SAF AL-KO Co,. Ltd., and so on.

The Bavarian State Government provided great support for Shandong in training over 1200 specialized talents in various fields such as railway, aviation, finance, telecom, communication, metrology, and so on. With the aid of Bavarian State Government, the Beer Technical Center and Telecom Technical Center are established in Shandong Polytechnic University and Shandong Telecommunication School respectively.

The Land Consolidation Village Renewal Project of Zhanglou Village in Qingzhou City was completed in 1988. A Weichai Vocational Training Center, a Dual System Agricultural Vocational Education Center, a Vocational Teacher Training Center were built respectively in in Weifang City in 1989, in Pingdu City in 1990 and in Qingzhou City in 1998. What’s more, China’s Ministry of Land and Resources and related Bavarian departments jointly established the Sino-Germany Rural Development Research Center in 2003. All this cannot be completed without the support and participation of Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and Art, and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry of the Free State of Bavaria, Technical University of Munich and Dillingen Academy for Teacher Training, and Hanns Seidel Foundation. For the construction of these projects, Bavarian State Government invested over 10 million Euros gratuitously and dispatched long-term and short-term experts over 100 people in total.

Shandong Province and the Free State of Bavaria have achieved remarkable results in higher education. Universities including Shandong University, Shandong Normal University, Ocean University of China, Shandong University of Science and Techonology, Qingdao University and Shandong Agricultural University, have established friendly interschool exchange relations with several universities of Bavaria. Fruitful exchanges and activities have been conducted between these universities.

The Shandong-Bavaria educational Cooperation Programme Commission established in 1993 plays an important role in the educational cooperation between the both sides. For the further all-around cooperation of universities of Shandong and Bavaria, Sino-Germany Center for Cooperation of Universities was established in 2007 in Shandong.