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Sino-German Ecopark: A creative leap from manufacturing to intelligence


Located in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao, Sino-German Ecopark is a demonstration program of Sino-German cooperation in the ecological field. In recent years, the park has been exploring a kind of ecological development model that is sustainable, replicable and worth being popularized.

To date, Sino-German Ecopark has been rated one of first batch of low-carbon pilot cities nationwide, the first national comprehensive and standardized demonstration park, national-level international green manufacturing innovation park, one of Chinese smart pilot cities and of national green ecology demonstration districts, one of national first batch of new energy demonstration parks and of intelligent manufacturing lighthouse parks.

In the first half of the year, the park recruited two Top 500 enterprises with 65.84 billion U.S. dollars to the account of foreign investment, 60 percent of the annual task. On the other hand, the park utilized over 1.1 billion yuan of domestic capital, up 40% year on year. The 14 new contracted ten-billion-yuan projects mean that 70% of the project introduction task has been accomplished. The value of industries above designated size in the park increased by 65% year on year to 0.82 billion yuan.

Sino-German Ecopark pays great attention to the cutting-edge industries like life economy, intelligent manufacturing, passive housing and new energy. The park is aiming for integrating the “Germany Plus” with the development of high-level industries in China, promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading with world’s leading technologies via “Plus Germany”, developing the real economy and fostering new economic growth drivers.

Great efforts will be made by the Sino-German Ecopark to build four leading industrial systems: a world-class genomics, life and health base, an Asian leading passive housing base, a national-level intelligent manufacturing base and a national-level new energy industrial base.

Inviting the vice president of Tongji University, Wu Zhiqiang, as the Chief Planner, Sino-German Ecopark is expected to make great progress in road building, landscaping, lighting, construction and other urban engineering. Some Germany elements will be applied to the overall design of the park to highlight an international style.

Chinese ambassador to Germany, Shi Mingde, paid a visit to the park in March this year. He said that Sino-German Ecopark in Qingdao is the most promising one among the Sino-German parks across the country. “The German elements here make people feel they are in Germany,” he said.

Sino-German Ecopark has forged four platforms to promote the open and inclusive development and gather more global resources and elements. The four platforms are: urban exchanges platform, technological cooperation platform, cultural and sports exchanges platform, and economic and trade cooperation platform.